Hi I would like to introduce myself my name Michelle Pindar

I have a very full life with a number of strings to my bow,

as a person that love ideas and then putting them into action!

When the time is right and the people are around to help

with implementing  these thoughts,with this type of life

you need love networking and meeting every type of person

meeting different people face to face is the way I love to

interact not a big lover of Internet networking. But as we all

know this the way of the world and we all have to get used to

this type of networking. I would introduce my many business and

interests which will all be describe briefly on the following pages.

Below are the direct links to each site please feel free to have a look

around any of the websites listed! Ps i am so easy to get hold of just ring my salon on 01482 375255






Trans awareness talks 01482 375233